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Wire Wrapped Earrings – An Overview

Wire-wrapping is an enormously popular and growing style of jewelry making. It really allows a designer to showcase her work and talent with the amount of work and delicate details in each design.

Wire wrapping jewelry has been around for thousands of years, and only recently developed a resurgence in popularity. Unlike machine cast jewelry (which is far cheaper and faster to make), each set of wire-wrapped earrings are unique. Even two pieces of identical styles may be slightly different, just because of how the metals are bent and formed.


Wire wrapping is a fun and easy to start – you only need a few simple tools and some basic materials.

  1. Wire (enameled copper wire, precious metal wire, or 30 gauge thin wire for findings)
  2. Flush Cutter
  3. Round Nose Pliers
  4. Chain Nose Pliers
  5. Gemstones

Start working on your headpins, and adding complexity to your designs as you master more and more techniques.